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October 16th

This Is My Route From New York
To New Hampshire

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Leaving Rome New York for
Meredith & Mirror Lake New Hampshire with
30 feet of enclosed trailer space available.

Limited room available for parts or sheet metal
from New Hampshire to Dayton Ohio.

I am dropping off a Model T in Dayton Ohio
and continuing up to Earlville Illinois with 17 feet
of room available in my enclosed trailer.

Once I drop off in Earlville, Illinois …

I have a 1917 Model T to pick up on my schedule
for my good friend Mike in Illinois that needs
to go to Great Falls Montana.

I also have a 1941 Ford Pickup in Hays Kansas
for a repeat customer that needs to go to Delaware.

So I will be going either to Montana or Kansas next from Illinois ….

Empty trailer to Kansas and 13 feet of
room from Kansas to Delaware.

Or ….

17 feet of room from Illinois to Montana.

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