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I go back a few years listening to Marillion, but whatever your taste, I have a video link for you:
It has Land Cruisers and a bunch of Toyotas in it on the 20th Rubithon, including one of our own -- Alvaro's big old white FJ-80 La Cabra has a starring role, and I think that's Andy's 40. There's even a Jeep, Dodge, and Ford, but ya gotta look hard to see them!

Marillion (the band) is hosting a YouTube contest with a pay-out of 5000 pounds (with today's exchange rate, that's a tidy stack of dollars!) for whichever video clocks the most views, and the fella who made this video has committed half of the proceeds to IH8MUD, TLCA and FOTR. So click and watch!

The contest rules essentially boil down to this:
The video with the most 'views' (as calculated by YouTube) at 0:01 GMT on 1 December 2008 will be awarded the Grand Prize.

Randii (misses Fish)
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