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This is probably a newbie question.... which is why I put it here :)

I'm going to be running a TBI converted engine and a in the tank fuel pump.

Would it be acceptable to run the fuel lines along the top of the tranny/tcases as opposed to on the frame rail?

In my mind, it would be a wonderful idea since it will be away from the front drive shaft/tcase output as well as high and away from the ground and such. It would also be away from the exhaust system.

Anyone see any down falls?

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When running gas lines be mindful of heat (obvious) I would try to stick with running them on the frame rails when I boxed my willys frame I ran them on the inside of the rail so as not to heat them up on the headers and muffler. Since they are sitting next to the trans I would guess you may have no problems above it either but heat does rise. I wouldn't attach them to the trans though, run 'em on the body. boy I love how I contridict myself
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