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I have been researching like crazy lately because I am building my own from-scratch buggy here shortly. So i have scene most every buildup thread on this board, and looked at detail after detail regarding. It gets aggravating tho searching for them over and over again. I also wish there had been a thread for me in the beginning like this, it would have saved me a lot of time and headache.

These are listed in no particular order, and I will be adding to it more and more as i have time and go back and find more builds. If i have missed your buildup, post up here, and I will add it to this initial post. Doesn't have to be a pirate thread either, if you house your own pics, post the link to your build and i will add it in here. I will make it like the Rockwell thread in that all the links will be in this first post.

Hope this helps some kids out...i know it helps me.

Dibble gets number one spot, but most of his pics are missing...what happened to them?

Full Circle Modified FJ40 buggy build

Ownerbuilt EB 4 link build.

crawldaddy's mid-engine Buggy Build


Dust Puppy's "It was a Jeep" TJ buildup

Easy Rick's 3 week ground up buggy build

BIGWOODY's Just another buggy build

Shelljeep's Jeep Surgery Thread, not a full build, but some good fab.

JJSBADYJ's rockwell jeep build (not sure if this is the right link)

11. JeepRecoveeryTeam's Legends Class Toyota Tacoma Buildup Thread

12. A-Z Fabrication Buggy Build

13. The Ripper's BroncoII build

14. JR's new Bronco build-up

15. The Malvado Grande #1 build up

16. Whaley Enterprises, Presents The Timberwolf Chassis

17. Aaronius' Lawless buildup

18. jrod66's Rockwell - 49 irok - 79 bronco build

19. WOLF359's 2005 Trail Rig Buildup

20. Butler's X-chassis #14 build

21. Static-x Bronco Build-up

22. Tim Florian's X-chassis mystery # build.

23. Dusty Booger's 48 flatty build

24. Sceep's project Gravelmaker

25. Sceep's evolution of a trail rig.

26. XJ618's Bunhole redo

27. Flashover's Sportin' Wood buggy Buildup

28. Raven Racing Chassis build-up

29. Brian1's 42 Flatfender build-up

30. Geesh's 62 CJ5 buildup

31. Jeeplvr's buggy build-up

32. Rusty's amazing buggy build

33. Rotozuk's Stinkyfab buggy project

34. Pmaddy's 1972 cj5 Build-up project

35. Chris demartini's YJ build-up thread

36. Convertiyota's buggy build-up

37. Go Vols' Buggy Build-up

38. 4Mogger's 4runner on mogs build-up

39. Ashmanjeepxj's cherokee build-up

40. Hosejockey's BTF Fusion Chassis Build-up

41. Redneck350's Twisted Fab's 69 c-10

42. Bgreen's project "Freak"

43. Twisted Custom's trail rig buildup

44. Project BugZuki BEGINS

45. Project BugZuki Update

46. 68 bronco buildup

47. HaWiiLuVeR's Dodge Ram on 406's

48. Scout Dude's Grand Cherokee on 909's

49. rockmutt's F/R Steer Buggy on 404's

50. Blazr77400's '84 Chevy, Propane powered 406 SBC, 404 steering axles F/R, 42" TSL's

51. MilCrawl's Mog axled TJ

52. Bigtoyfreak's Yota build

53. m016324's Defender 90 on 404's

54. xtremexj94's XJ Cab Chop and 404's Build-Up

55. mark.bales' 1953 Willys pick-up with 404's

56. FrankenRover's Defender 110 Hybrid on Mog axles

57. ZAG's Mog buggy

58. OX's '79 Bronco XLT, 400, C6, Mog axles, 42 swamps

59. Shadow Crawler's Samurai Build up

60. Sean's Just Another Liberty Buggy Build-up

61. Kajo4x4toy's toyota truggy build

62. Kajo4x4toy's exo-runner build

63. Wildcat455's buggy build-up

64. HeyBeerMan's Buggy Build-up

65. The Malvado Grande #1 build up

66. Halogrinder's FJ40 in progress (he didn't think it was worthy...)

67. Nickm's HendriX chassis Early Bronco Build- up

68. Erik D lux's project build-up

69. Kate 6.0 Build up

70. Project Bullballs

71. The Rainbow Warrior Build-up thread

72. Project Shyt Byrd

73. Long Overdue 77FJ40 build

74. Dhondagodd's FJ40 build

75. FJ40 Build up gaining steam (tlcfj40)

76. FJ59.7865476 build (Jason M)

77. "dieselcruiserhead" FJ55 Build including a 4bt Cummins.

78. "dog walker" Project: "good ol' days trail rig Build-up"

79. Official Wok Taxi, Cruiser Buggy Buildup Thread

80. BrettM's Jeep MJ build up

81. 5k fab/ wnccustom jeeps buildup

82. The Twister (evolution's) Buggy Build up

83. JDunn's build-up

84. 5-ton Crazy

85. Becca's RockHer build-up

86. Slipscomb's build-up

87. Bushwacker's rebuild in progress

88. Slipscomb's current build-up

89. coolmudrunner's build-up progress

90. coolcruiserfj40's build up

91. redneckengineered's build up

92. Fullsizxj's build up

93. Beartj's "Not Very Spectactular" build

94. Azrckcrawler's never ending build up

95. Wicked S10's seldom seen build up

96. Bent70's chopped 70 build up (he has builder's remorse)

97. blacksheep10's build up, 4 wheels steer, coilovers, blah blah blah

98. Pat98TJ's Twister Buildup

99. Pat98TJ's build...again. Yeah, two pages for this turd.

100. Rollies 86 Toyota build up

101. 2LoudDodge's build-up, even though he doesn't think it's worthy.

102. Harline Offroad's 06 MoonBuggy build up.

103. P&T Jeeps TJ Rear Frame Stretch and 1 tons.

104. The other half of the P&T Jeeps build up...front stretch, etc.

105. rockcrawler1981's 81 chevy on mogs build up

106. Poohbair's Runner build up.

107. Krawlfreak's after hours Diablo build.

108. Tinbender raffle rig build-up.

109. 87xjco's Xota build-up.

110. EvlDodge's Budget 1985 Toyota build.

111. 4RnrRick's Project Quasimodo. 85 Toyota xtra cab. With a table of contents even!

112. RedBull Rockher II build-up. (not at the top you cocky bastard!) By the way, that other link is dead...

113. Wanderer2004's All terrain travelall build up. wow.

114. SquattyD's 82 Bronco Build-up.

115. Coolcruiserfj40's CADDY on DUBS build. Dang.

117. Gutter Runner's Fullsize Chevy build.

118. Fledgling666's Kia Sportage build... whatever floats your boat.

119. Reddman's Chevy truck turned truggy.

120. Greg Davis' Snowball Effect Land Rover.

121. Rampage FSJ's 1973 Jeep J-4000 build

122. The Frog's frog2 build-up...please don't be sad, sorry for the delay.

123. ramv's 2nd gen Dodge build-up.

124. ramv's brother's first gen s-10 build.

125. BearTJ's Coyote.

126. Draggbody's Honda powered Kid Buggy

127. Skipped Link's Monster Buggy.

128. Bigger Valves' Aerotoy build.

129. Fishmouth Fabwork's Project TT-Hilux.

130. Sluice Sally's build (missing pictures?).

131. Inthework's project barn-built cricket buggy.

132. JensenKennel's One-ton of fun build.

133. Iroc86's YJ with Isuzu diesel build.

134. Gutter Runner's Chevy Build - Going Commando.

135. ExtremeToy's Build.

136. Lucky Thirteen's '83 Toylet Truggy Build.

137. FJ40forLife's FJ build.

138. TrailerGuy's Family Truckster.

139. Timmay's XJ Build.

140. RioFab's CJ5.

141. The story of a fullsize '72 Bluggy.

142. JaggedX "sparkle" build.

143. 03 F350 6.0 build, Rocks & 46's.

144. Tim84K10's build up.

145. King of Pain's old comp/fun buggy build.

146. Tawlboy's Swamp Truck build.

147. AlienJeep's 1 ton Taco Truggy build up.

148. Team Kirby Offroad's FU2 New Shop Buggy buildup.

149. Under PSI's project Stinky.

150. Randy's Bomber chassis for KOH.

151. XJ_ Man_ 646's Project Rotten Bottom.

152. Cicero's project Rock Rash buildup.

153. Jesster's Mostly Buggy, Little Jeep build.

154. BigDusty's crappy Bronco II buildup.

155. KirbyIV's Project Stinky Blue Balls (gayest jeep ever)

156. Fool Injected's TJ build

157. The freeak's wife's rig build thread

158. White Rhino's 88 Ranger build

159. pipehitter155's One Ton Shit Missile build thread (best rig name evar)

160. jeepgif's J-Truck build

161. infernal Jeep build

162. Booger Welds 2002 Taco build

163. ErikB's 97 4runner

164. lbz134's 97 Tacoma SAS build

165. CAPS 97 Tacoma SAS build

166. Revivalist 03 PreRunner --> 4x4 SAS

167. TacomaJoe95 95.5 Tacoma

168. Ballastic Fab Shop 95.5 Tacoma

169. TachedOutOffRoad's "Dead Lined Taco"

170. Homegrown/ Swain's "Raisin" to "Pipebomb"

171. 3 Norwegian Buildups

172. oober's Crazyblaze build thread

173. Imagineer's lame buggy build

174. spidr's stock to DD to trail rig to retarded.

175. BlueAngel's TJ Stretch into Unlimited Project "Chopping the TJ"

176. BlueAngel's EB Buggy Rebuild

177. Patooyee's new buggy build

178. Throttle Happy's 4 wheel steer planetary axles with rhino skins

179. Zukers..Toyota build

180. Bent Fabrication's Shop Cliffhanger called "Booger"

181. John's Infamous Cliffhanger "Levi"

182. Scooby's EVO GP

183. The first Mexico build "El Conquistador"

184. The second Mexico Build "El Salvador"

185. SAY789's On The Cheap Side 78 F350 Build

186. MedicDB's 85 Toyota build 37's with NO LIFT

187. Samota87's short build up Poop Pipe Tacoma thread

188. muttman's m151 MUTT build.

189. Ag4x4's Project Sarge

190. smewhtgguy's build thread.

191. tnjeep's TJ buggy

192. Sayb2's Dad's CJ-5. 114 inch wheelbase, 1-tons, 40's.

193. Svaras' 1942 Willys MB Vortec 5.3, TH350, Dana 300, Wagoneer Dana 44´s with ARB´s, Allieds, 36" Iroks

194. Rebuild of the timberwolf, #16 on this list.

Updated 10-21-09, bitches.

Keep them coming.

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Great Idea.... but yeah, after you get 5 or so that arent on the list, you should edit the main list.

i would bet you have over 100 in the next week. (if you kept this thread up to the top.)
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