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Here are two movies I found of some dudes playing around in stock volvo vehicles:

http://multimedia.campus.luth.se/pbb/kameratest.wmv (21Mb)

http://multimedia.campus.luth.se/pbb/uppvarmning.wmv (137Mb)

There is action with the:

Volvo Sugga (Volvo 2.5T's) -Radiocar

Volvo TBG 1111 (Portals) -Some kind of light anti-tank-veh

Volvo Laplander (D44's) -Swedish military allround vehicle of all times. Our "Jeep" -EVERY swede knows of this model.

DISCLAIMER: There are nothing extreme here, but some nice typical Swedish offroad. And dont get started about "thread lightly".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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