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I have a couple propane questions for the brain trust...

I have a small block gen1 350 with an OHG 450 that's getting horrendous mileage and poor power. I set out to lean the mixture and what I could find online says to lean turn the mixture screw in to lean. I was expecting it to start to run a bit rough then back it off a bit but the adjustment bottomed out before that.

However, if I back the screw out it reaches the point where it runs a bit rough and then I can turn it in just a bit and it runs fine.

Running with the screw in further actually make the mileage worse.

Is anyone able to confirm what direction is lean on an OHG 450 mixer?

Second question...

The original gas carb was a Rochester R2-2Ggov that had a vacuum based governor as part of the throttle body. When the propane conversion was done they bolted the OHG 450 on to the throttle body of the R2 and plugged off the vacuum line for the governor. The throttle body also has some what appear to be mixture screw on the front and I'm wondering if this setup might be messing with the propane mixture.

Interesting side note, the distributor is the type without vacuum advance.

Thanks a bunch!

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