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I know it's short notice but one of our members received this email and plans to attend. Thought some of you might be interested;)

Subject: OHV Commission Hearing March 20th

> This is to inform 4x4 uses, motorcycle users, and the Adopt-a-trail clubs
> of the OHV commission hearing on March 20, 2003 at the Lion Gate Hotel in
> Mc Cellan Air Base in Sacramento CA. This hearing will decide if the
> Stanislaus National Forest and other Forests will receive grant funding
> from the California State Parks OHV Recreation Division for OHV trails on
> public lands. This meeting could decide whether there will be State
> funding to manage the OHV trails this year. If you are interested in the
> OHV program on the Stanislaus Nation Forest, please come and be heard.
> These are your State OHV funds and it is important that the State
> Commissars hear your desires and concerns for the place you like to
> recreate on the Stanislaus N.F. . We are sorry for the short notice.
> But, please let Calaveras District Ranger "Rob Griffith" know if you are
> coming, so he can meet with you there. I will be out of town and unable
> attend. Rob Griffith can be reached at ( 209-795-1381, or email:
> [email protected]) and will be dressed in an Forest Service dress
> with is name plate on at this meeting. For more information on how to get
> to this meeting and about the State OHV programs, look at the web page:
> ( www.ohv.parks.ca.gov ).
> I hope to see all of you this Summer. tx Lonnie
> Off Highway Vehicle Manger
> Calaveras RD, Stanislaus NF
> (209) 795-1381, Ext.309

Happy trails!


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Brian was the only one in our group able to take the day off.

He called me to tell me that our tubing order arrived and that he felt very out of place.

You see he's a skinny ******* mechanic guy that only wears wranglers and T shirts and he is hanging out with a bunch of people wearing expensive suits today.

I hope he brings back good news and interesting information.
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