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I have had poor success with the stainless steel sleeves. Yes, it stops the leak, but in time, it will come back. (You must be very carefull to install the sleeve straight).
Always polish the hub with 400 to 600 grit sandpaper and remember to pre lube the sealing groove with disk brake grease.
If you have a groove from wear, grind the leading edge of the seal, (I buzz it on a belt sander), until you see the metal of the seal. This will let the seal sit further into the oil pump housing and position it on an unused area of the hub. It will also save $$$$$.
Also, evertime that I replace a front seal, I ALWAYS replace the oil pump to timing cover o-ring seal. If you replace the front seal and used a hammer to install it, this could of caused the o-ring to start leaking. Sure, it takes more time and work to remove the oil pump, but the job will last much longer when the seal in installed proper on the bench, instead of hammered in crooked on the truck.:D

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