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These are the original style FJ60/62 springs that Old Man Emu made in Australia, so these are before the "Dakar" model that is made in Asia. Some people have argued they are better than the later Dakar model, I'm honestly not sure. Pulled from a good friend's solid FJ60 before he parted it and they are healthy 2.5" lift springs. I was planning to install on my FJ62 but the engine just blew. They are in good shape other than some surface rust that can probably come off pretty easily with a wire wheel and some paint if desired.

5 leafs in the front,
7 in the rear.

My guess is they are "lights" but they have had an extra leaf added (photos below).

Shocks are all you'll need to complete the setup/install. The front shocks that were with the truck were blown, but the rear are functional. This said they look closer to Monroes than rear Old Man Emu but they might be OME - I'm not sure if OME shocks were narrower back then because they are slightly narrower than today's OME shocks. They work and you may want to use them, otherwise buy your own.

$400 for the complete package locally or $450 shipped.


Misc Stuff for Sale - andreshoumatoff's Photos

Additional photos of closeups of the spring pack:

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