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suzuki_man_83 said:
What is the best onboard air setup belt driven or elec. What are you guys running. It is going in a 90 zuki.:usa:
I have belt driven sanden. There's not much room under the zuk hood for a york, esp if you add power steering. I set it up to run at 250PSI (225 on, 250 off) max of 300psi components, all hoses and connections are 3/8" (except for the quick releases.). Works great, at idle airs up 37's while cycling, and does a great job reseating 36's. I did accidently short the pressure switch out, and watch the 300psi gauge go up.. and peg out. Was good for testing that adjustable pressure relief valve I got - it kicks in at 275 now. :D

Got everything from Grainger except the compressor.

The Grainger part numbers I used:

OBA (on board air), 250 PSI system.

Grainger part #

5WZ03 0-300 PSI gauge
4ZK10 125 to 300 PSI adjustable relief valve
1V632 35 to 250psi adjust pressure switch
4ZL29 Heavy Duty Filter
4ZK29 Mounting Bracket, compact filter
5X781 Bronze Air Check Valve
Z665 Air filter

It looks like this:

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