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O.K. I'll give all the specs I can think of:
'85 runner SR5 w/pwr everything, 22re, 5spd,
'88 complete v6 rearend, 5.29's and detroits f&r.
35x14.5 bogs on bead locks, .75" spacer up front.
46" Alcans front, 2" dropped front hanger, 1.5" longer shackles, All-pro hoops, all greasable pins, hy-steer w/rod ends, rs9000 x4, flipped u-bolts x4.
56" Alcans rear, 6" shackle, 2" body lift.
Arb front bumper w/Warn hs9500, spicer long travel front shaft.
Dual cases w/2.28's, twin stick, CO2 tanks, custom rear bumper and cage work.
12" bob w/pick-up rear, 6" frame bob. Can-bak top. Gutted interior, relocated rear shocks, All-pro x-member, CF stage II clutch, no steering stab and a cheesy stereo but the A/C works and I got the tip over gauges <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> That's all I can think of now. I got an RC 44 and a '78 chev 44, a disc braked 9", and a 4.3 out of a '93 Sonoma so I see some work coming up someday.
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