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I'm looking for my first Diesel truck and have a couple of questions.

I found a very nice 85 F350 crew cab 2wd with the 6.9 and an auto. This will mainly be my daily driver, haul the kids, etc. but I want it to tow my Land Cruiser. I'm guessing trailer and Cruiser will weigh around 6-7000 lbs.
I'm assuming this thing will be dog slow (I haven't driven it yet). What kind of empty highway cruising speed can I expect? I don't know which auto comes in these, would it have overdrive? It'd be nice if I could do 70-75.
What about towing speed? Will I be able to keep up with traffic?

I was looking for a little newer truck, but this one is cherry. He's asking $5800 which seems a little high to me.
Thanks! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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