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tell me about them. good , bad, etc. im looking at getting one. i like the "between sport vs utility. better the the rhino, terex, etc. that are out there. still got a little utility but mostly sport. and i like the fact its not what you see every day like you do the RZR's i know the rzr are great but damn they are the only thing you see on the trail.

the 2013 commanders have upgraded the front visco-lok and there are after market "box" to solve the computer from lowering the power when the front end slips.
how is the durability, are you satisfied?, hows the durability compare to the RZR S. are the fox shocks better than the ones that come on the XT?
generally how do you like it.
cost is about $2000 more than a RZR S with power steering. is it worth it?
any help would be great dont want to tell the wife that its the greatest thing in the world then spend $15,000 and have problems.

thank you.

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