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So I am going to be adding a roll cage in the bed of the tonka with some seats for kids to ride in. I have the design for the cage figured out but am not commited on the mounting to the frame. I will be keeping the bed and mounting it to the new cage. The cage will pass thru the bed and mount to the frame.

My options at this point are:

1. Poly bushings - Fab a bracket on the frame and a bushing on the end of the cage at the frame. There will be six mounts. From the bushing there will be triangulation up to cross pieces between the verticals in the bed. This options may be smoother on the passengers in the bed, and will allow for removal of the bed and cage though thats not really important.

2. Weld the ends of the cage straight to the frame - This cage will pass thru holes in the bed and be welded straight to the frame. There will again be six mounts. From the frame at the point that the cage is welded there will be trangulation up to the cross pieces between the verticals in the bed. This might not be a smooth but will be stronger and add some needed ridgidity to my frame. I would also work in some extra strength and remove some ageing crossmembers that are in the way.

3. Build a sub frame in the bed - This would invovle box tube built up in the bottom of the bed to reinforce it. Then more box tube would be brought down to the frame and either welded directly to the frame or mounted with a poly bushing. This would be strong but also heavier than the other options.

I don't have a problem with cutting up the floor of my bed. Its original but not in good shape. The rest of the bed has been completely replaced. I am looking for safety as a primary concern, but also good looks and some comfort. I will be putting two seats back there along with a mount for a spare (35"+), tools, ice chest, and gear. Behind the seats I want to build an area for some large tool boxes for gear and the ice chest. This will be above the fuel cell that will be poking a little thru the floor.

Attached is a crappy drawing of the subframe and tube cage ideas.

Any opinions suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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