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Optima battery sale

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We have refurbished Optima batteries and new ones. Refurbished $85 ea pm me for more info. Thank you. We currently have 2 red top and 2 yellow top refurbished ones. http://www.davezoffroadperformance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=825


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are the amps the same on both? and shipping to 88210?
I think they are the same. I will check and pm sent. Thanks
what exactly are the differences between a 'refurbished' battery versus a new one? Im interested in a yellow top...
A new battery that had some sort of problem, could have been just cosmetic, repaired and sold as refurbished. We offer a free 1 year replacement warranty on these if returned to us.
We stock new too.

Shake it, slam it, beat it. Then do it again. And again.

Were you one of those kids who always broke their toys? This is your battery.
Have you ever thought about what a battery goes through on the trail? Think paint mixer with a battery strapped to it. The average battery won’t last long under these extreme conditions. That’s why the OPTIMA RedTop offers 16X the vibration resistance and up to 2X the life of ordinary batteries. Plus, it's leakproof, highly resistant to heat and cold, and can be stored for long periods without any maintenance. Let’s just say it was made to take a good spanking in the dirt. Whether you’re rock crawling, desert racing or just playing in the mud.

Works just as well when you’re upside down.
You’re hanging upside down inside your rig. Now is a good time to talk about the benefits of the YellowTop. First, you’ll notice the battery isn’t leaking corrosive liquids all over the place because it’s leakproof and can be mounted anywhere. Then, you’ll notice that you still have enough power for your plug-in cooler, on-board electronics and all your lights. Comes in handy when you’re waiting hours for a recovery vehicle. Or if you’re trying to winch your way out of your predicament. The YellowTop has 16X the vibration resistance compared to traditional batteries. A must have feature for all you who like to play in the dirt.

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Are these refurbished from Optima directly? New ones are 36 month free replacement. How much to ship one of these down to Burbank, CA 91504?
So $95 shipped for a refurbished yellowtop? Which model, D34 or D34/78? Thanks!
I am interested in 2 reds shipped to 93657 in Ca
two reds shipped to 71260
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