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Title states it all... but to elaborate. I found the following on ORD's web site(http://www.offroaddesign.com/newproducts.htm about 1/4 the way down):
We now have a 32 spline output shaft for mating the SM465 and NP203 using the factory SM465/NP203 adapter housing. This will give you a strong, durable connection for the manual trans to the Doubler kit. Shaft price is $240, please call 970-945-7777 to order.
I've tried emailing Stephen and the tech support email twice already with no results(and I didn't even use a free email account to do it with) Someone else brought a similar post up on Colorado K5 with no answer.

Has anyone here used this product or have any info about it?

Some of the info I'm interested in is:
What NP203 input gear does it use? The TH400 one or a different one?

How much longer than the stock 10 spline SM465 mainshaft is this?

I know, call them up. I'd rather not waste their time on the phone nor my quarter on some simple info :D

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

And before I get the "use a 10 spline NP203 input if you've got the adapter" type responses, I've seen and heard report of the NP203 input gear wearing out as well as the 10 spline SM465 main shaft wearing out. Plus, I think that few splines will add slop to the drivetrain while a 32 spline wouldn't:p

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the shaft is splined as much as is possible

I emailed him and got a response to my queries regrding that shaft

wasnt instantanious so be patient

my concerns are in the 32spline input gears that are available

1 report of extreme wear in under a year IIRC

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the 10 spline 203 I sent to Florida was not worn IMO

1 theory I am looking at, the 10 spline 465s could be the result of using sillycone instead of gaskets on the 205 side
the adapter requires gasket thickness to recieve snap ring.
without it the adapter is cocked when bottom fig8 bolts are tightened.
that and no lube = dead mainshaft

Stephen told me he had the shafts in stock and they could be cut down to any length you need.
IIRC they are to accept the 32 spline 203 input gear
is there more then one? I didnt think so.

I was asking in regards to shortening the 465/205 adapter as well as to use 32spline mainshafts in my dual 465 project which is currently 10 spline
I need to replace mainshafts due to 10 spline wear on old parts :)
good time to step up I figured

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I called him and talked to him about a month ago about this. As soon as I can get out from under this credit card bill I am going do the same with mine. I will take some pics of the 10 spline shaft that came out of my 465 and show you what it looked like, suprised it even worked at all, man it was a noisey basterd.

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this is interesting.....

I'm sure I know what he's doing...but that's beside the point...

I did this same thing resently for my buddy's truck....made a custom adapter to go 465-203 (couldn't find a stock one to save our lives, and it was "long" anyway)....also built in some clocking for the 203 to get is up and out of the way a bit....and to go along w/ it, made up a 32 spline output for the 465....
its been beaten on pretty hard for the last few monthes.....seems to work great...
I think the only issue we've encountered is some leakage past the o-rings in the shifter for the 203...

(ford guy just wandering PBB)
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