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I ordered my AA dual adapter from Randy Wood at Adventurous 4x4 this week.... I got the $275 price... $304 to my door!
301-791-6869 [email protected]

Also.... Randy told me that he is going direct to Interco for a swamper buyout!!! He is going to buy a bunch and pass them along to fellow wheelers at HIS COST!!!!! Hard to believe, but that's what he told me. Should be on for another 2 wks or so!!!
Doesn't do the west coast guys much good though, b/c he said that shipping would be killer. But the Maryland area wheelers should jump on it if you need some swampers.

BTW, I have no affiliation w/Randy other than buying an adapter from him. Helluva nice guy though. Just passing on some helpful info!!!:D
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