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Before I hit Ebay with this stuff. Engine tranny etc is at the bottom of the list.
1976 Cruiser Fj-40 parts. It has a rusty body, nothing really good
left, hard top is rusty, but all the glass is there. $50, you pick up.
Hard doors, good for parts, really not bad shape.$100 Pr.
Rear doors, ugly but all there, ambulance style I believe, swing out
like barn doors, $50pr.
Pile of drivelines, I have no idea what years and combos they are
from, about 6 of them, $100 all.
V8 swap, believe a 305, ran really well and had good oil pressure,
conected to the stock tranny, 4 speed, and t case, with PTO output. Everything
worked, I drove it till I parted it out. You get everything conected to the swap
I can take out of the vehicle, I'll pull it faster is someone helps me with
it. $1000 Offer?
Thats about It, I have a set of stock springs I will be selling as
soon as I get rid of most of the body.
If your interested, call me at 541 736-3743, Located in Springfield
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