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ORI Strut Mounts

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i am expecting a set of ORI's in the next few days but in order to mount them I need some new shock mounts. I am currently running the single piece one that Poly sells (no the 2 separate tabs that you weld). If i am reading this right, the mounting width of the ORI's is 1.60". how are you mounting yours? grind down the mounts or does someone make one that is wide enough?
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The mounting width works out pretty well to mount them inside the radius of some 1.75" tubing with some tabs. Here is how I did mine for the rear setup.

And the front uppers. Even if the welds on the tabs fail the shape of the tabs won't let them out of where they are mounted.

And the front lower axle mounts...

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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