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ORI Strut Mounts

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i am expecting a set of ORI's in the next few days but in order to mount them I need some new shock mounts. I am currently running the single piece one that Poly sells (no the 2 separate tabs that you weld). If i am reading this right, the mounting width of the ORI's is 1.60". how are you mounting yours? grind down the mounts or does someone make one that is wide enough?
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full agree here, my old car was airshocked and I retrofitted to ORI's and made no other change than the tab width to accommodate the ORI width. I cracked and began to tear the tube around the upper mount before I beefed around that area.
The new STX strut is more friendly to the mounts. The compression damping softens the landing much better than did the ST model. But I have to second what has been said that when running the struts to take the place of the bumps, you are placing all the load/force on the mounts. Standard shock mounts are not enough. It is best to distribute the load over a wider area, much like an axle truss does, but to a lesser degree.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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