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ORI Strut Mounts

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i am expecting a set of ORI's in the next few days but in order to mount them I need some new shock mounts. I am currently running the single piece one that Poly sells (no the 2 separate tabs that you weld). If i am reading this right, the mounting width of the ORI's is 1.60". how are you mounting yours? grind down the mounts or does someone make one that is wide enough?
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I'm in a similar situation and having not dealt with misalignment spacers before I'm hoping to get a quick bit of advice. I'm installing some ORIs in the rear of my Jeep and the spacing of the misalignment spacers is 1.60". That's just about 1/16" inch too long to fit into the upper/lower mounts of the Synergy towers/mounts I've got. I would think it'd be reasonable to sand down the outer ends of the spacers until they fit, but like I said, I haven't dealt with misalignment spacers so don't want to accidentally miss something.

And input would be appreciated. Thanks, fellas... And here's the towers/mounts I've got:

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turn your spacers down so they fit 1.5" overall like I did or order some 7/16" wide spacers
Thanks! Will do...
Thanks for the input! These Synergy mounts are pretty beefy, that's for sure. And I plan to add some gussets to them, as well as tie them into the rear cage down tubes. Not sure the cage tie-ins will be done before Easter Jeep Safari, but if not I'll get to them immediately afterward.

I'm not a rock bouncer by any means so hopefully it'll work alright. ;)
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