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Long story short, original installer of my gears fucked me and didn't put locktite on ring gear bolts. This cause my rear end to implode.

Had a shop where I live now redo my rear end and they checked out the front while it was in the shop. They told me that all the bolts in the front were ~1/4 turn loose and that my backlash was at 0.016". Spec I believe (revolution gears) is 0.006 - 0.010". Owner of the shop told me not to put the Jeep into 4L.

Question is, can I drive this thing in 4H or 4L and not worry about destroying my R&P? Was looking to do a day trip this weekend but this has me hesitant. I have not had my front DS in since before I had my gears fixed.

As far as repair, I've talked to Revolution twice and first guy told me I'd new all new gears and second guy told me I could likely get away with re-shimming the front end. I have not gotten to checking the backlash myself so I have to go with what my shop told me.

Here's some carnage pics:

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