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Overdrive in M715?

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I have a 1969 M715 for which I'm building an Olds 455. I plan on driving the truck as a semi daily driver but don't think the engine is going to like the 5.88 gears. I was thinking of regearing to 4.56, but I don't want to lose my crawl ratio. I've been going through the archives and it seems that there are several overdrive units, such as the AA Ranger or the Warn overdrive. Will these work with a T-98/NP200 combo? Any other alternatives? Is a 4:1 gear set available for NP205's?
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4Bangler said:
Swap to a divorced Dodge NP205, keep waiting for the low-range gears.

You have two easy choices for the overdrive...

Option 1.) Run a Ranger Overdrive torque splitter between the engine and trans and shorten your intermediate shaft (may have to move the t-case back) or swtich to a married mount 205, which would mean ditch the T-98 in favor of a SM465.

Option 2.) Run the Gear Vendors unit between the trans and t-case (probably have to move the divoced case back) or run the OD behind the t-case, eliminating OD in 4wd, doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it might be nice if they ever make the 3:1 gears to be able to split that with the OD to a 2.25:1 for wheel speed stuff, of course with a 455 wheelspeed in high range won't be a problem.

Most importantly......PICS!!!

(member of the "I get a boner for M-715's club")
The gear vendors OD doesn't work at low speeds. I have one behind the t-case in an '85 Chevy, and it won't shift unless you're going >30 MPH, and even then there's a delay of about 3 seconds from when you pull the switch to when it actually shifts. The delay gets shorter the faster you go until you get to about 60+ where it's almost instantanious. Since he could mount it between the tranny and t-case, he could cut those speeds in half in low range, but it's not like a ranger or warn, where you can actually start out in OD. I'm not saying it won't work, just wanted to let you know what they're like before you sink a bunch of money into one.
I was going to do an NV4500 in my Chevy, but the Gear vendors OD was a lot cheaper, and I got 7 useable gears in 2WD. It has a couple disadvantages I mentioned though. Overall, I think it's great.
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