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It is Matt, I have bolted the 3spd transfer case and the sm465 together. They fit great and I am about to drop them in. What did you do to modify the trans case shifter linkage to fit the sm465? Do you still have the modification you made? If so are you using it? Let me know. By the way I still want your Alcans when you are ready to get rid of them and also your drive shafts if your not going to reuse them. Thanks again, Matt

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Originally posted by fj40charles:
<STRONG>Hey Matt,

Nolan is up at Poteau, Oklamhoma wheeling this weekend.

Where shit-head Charles should have been too

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Anyway, send Tom Pennington a message at [email protected] and ask him for it. He is not going to use it.

I should be ready with my springs in a couple of weeks. If you can make it to the Lone Star meeting this month, i can meet you there with them.
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