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para cord "survival" lanyard

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I have 2 lanyards forsale and a wrist band(10$). 1 is done with a square knot and the other with a twisted square knot. Both are 5-6 inches long, and include atleast 5 ft of emergency 550lb para cord OD green. Can modify longer or shorter. +1$ per foot of para cord added. Comes with key ring installed. Different colors available also. Cash or MO only at the moment. price doesn't include shipping(2$ at the most). Soon I will have paypal set up.
price is 8$ per lanyard and 10$ per wrist band.

Located in Bakersfield, Ca.

email me at [email protected]

twist knot

square knot

this bracelet i made has 9ft of para cord in it and i can double wrap it or tuck things into the weave also.

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Are you just selling the 2 shown or do you make them custome, cause...

You need a yellow star to pimp your shit here...
i have 3 items for sale. i know the star rules here and im not "pimping my shit" here. just trying to pass along 3 items i don't need and possible hook up a fellow pirate member, thanks for the bump though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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