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All parts in Paducah KY 42001

parts are going fast...check with me to make sure whatever you want is still available.

AMC 360, very built up, supposedly pushing a little over 300 HP, DUI distributor, RV cam, performer intake, etc, etc, etc $750.00
T176 4 speed transmission, could use new synchros but just barely starting to need $125.00
SM420 Transmission complete $200.00
SR4/T4/T5 bellhousing to be used with the SM420 once converted $75.00
T176 skid plate modified to accomidate front 3 link $20.00
T150 Skid plate $45.00
CJ7 wire harness $50.00
TBI throttle body with computer and wiring harness $75.00
TBI throttle body $25.00
TBI computer $25.00
AMC 360 exhaust manifolds $125.00
Dual exhaust designed for manifolds with 3 inch flowmasters (sounds very nice) $125.00

dual electric fan setup with temp probes $65.00
clutch/bell housing/clutch fork and clutch for 176 $75.00
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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