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I have an 04 double cab prerunner that i am parting out, I will be using the whole cab and most of the interior from this truck, I may part out the dash if i decide to use my 97 Dash, but my wife hasn't decided which dash she want's to use. I am also going to use "ALL" of the body panels except the hood so don't ask. here's a list of what's available from it.

2004 D-cab V6 TRD with 833 Miles (yes that's correct...)

3.4L engine (SOLD)
Auto tranny $400 (SOLD)
Front left A-arms and spindle $50
all 4 tokico (Blue TRD ones) shocks and springs $175 (SOLD)
drivers side headlight in great condition $75
Chrome rear bumper $100 (SOLD)
all the wiring Best offer
ECU Best offer
Cat's $400 (both) (SOLD)
O2 Sensors $100 each (SOLD)
ABS sensors $45 each (SOLD)
TRD E-locker rear end complete with ECU and wiring $900 (SOLD)
left front caliper and rotor $50
master Cyl $25
booster $15
Gauge cluster with tach with 833 actual miles $300
Alloy wheels with tires (2 of them) (SOLD)
Steering rack complete minus right outer TRE $(SOLD)

and anything else you can think of...

If you can think of anything else you might need just ask, but please remember what i am trying to accomplish with my body swap so i can't sell everything... Also please keep in mind that I just had another baby (well actually my wife did) so quote times and shipping times might be a little long, but I will get to them as fast as i can.

There are a few things i might consider trading for and they are the following and only the following

35 inch Goodyear MTR's
Passenger side black TRD flare (01-04 type)
Double cab roof rack

All Parts are located in Livermore Ca 94550
VIN #5TEGN92N54Z437639

Please note that these parts are listed on other boards also.


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Steve, Do you still have any of this? Particularly the rear Leafs? I can pick them up.

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TatonkaII said:
I may grab one of the 60/40 seats if you want to sell one with as much of the hardware as youve got. Ship it via bus or something..

The 97 had buckets, and they were sold with the cab. I will be using the buckets in the 04

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bentaluminum said:
Nedd factory fender flares for 2004 Tacoma Access Cab SR5 TRD. Can you help? Please let me know.


I am using the complete body from the 04 including the fender flares. There are a few people on TTORA.com that are selling the flares.
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