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Well I'm tired of fucking around with title bs, so I'm just going to part out my project. It's an 89 XJ. Is currently on a RE 4.5 lift (brand new lift) with used tereflex control arms. Rear axle is exploder 8.8 w/discs. Front is d30 w/cad. 4.0. It did not originally come equiped with A/C, but I've swapped the HVAC housing and controls over, and purchased a new evaporator and heater core. Prices are below not including shipping. The jeep is located in Leander TX (north Austin area). I have put 100 YARDS on this project since owning it, so all aftermarket/new parts are indeed still new. Roof liner and carpet are long gone, but just about everything else is there. Rear axle will only be sold for cash plus trade of a D35. Since I don't have a trailer, this needs to be rolling when I get rid of it for good. I'll be posting pictures up later on.

Delivery - I can deliver in the general Austin area for free, or in outlaying areas for a small fee (cash or beer). Also, I travel to northern OK once a month along I35, so if you're in the area, I can make a stop along my trip to drop parts off.

Engine - 400 (only ran for a few mins, purchased from another pirate member)
Trans - aw4 200 (I believe I installed a new tourqe converter, but will drop the price if it turns out to be the old unit)
Transfer-case - 400 NP231 with AA SYE and tom woods DS
Seats - 20 each, or 50 for all 3
Glass - 10 bucks a piece
Interior trim - 5 bucks a piece
Dash - 200 (includes new evac and heater core)
Suspension - 1000 (includes new coils, leaves, front bump stops, front extended brake lines, used teraflex front control arms, used rock krawler trakbar w/new bracket).
Exhaust - 50 (cheap cat back)
Rear axle - D35 plus 100 cash
4.10 gear set for D30 - 75
Fuel tank and pump - 100 (both new, only had a small amount of gas in it for a few months)
Radiator - 75 (brand new, just had coolant in it for the last few months)
Anything else, reply to the thread or PM me.

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