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Pictures. I’ll add any people request and more as I disassemble it:

Completely parting out my rig. I’m keeping a bunch of the drivetrain and misc. parts. I need get rid of as much as possible though so ask about anything. Vehicle came from NY/MN so everything has at least surface rust on it. I’ll include any mounting hardware that survives removal. If someone wants the majority of the body I’ll make them a good deal.

The easiest way to contact me is via email. Everything is at my house in San Diego.

1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
Everything has 125,000 miles on it. Engine and trans run well. Body is “Colorado Red” and interior is gray. The body is beat up but everything works and the glass is there. The floor on the body is pretty rotted out. It’s got power windows/ locks/ seats.

Parts of interest:

Front Suspension
  • Home built radius arms. 2”-1/4” wall lowers. RE joint at frame, stock rubber at axle. RE upper control arms. 1-1/4” threaded rod adjustment. Crossmember is 2”x4”-3/16. Bolts to frame rails through side with 3”x3”-1/4” angle. Center section drops out.
  • RE HD Track Bar Mount
  • RE Track bar brace with tab for limit strap
  • Track bar: 1-1/4” OD 3/16” tube. Small RE joint at top, rubber at axle. Fixed length for about 6” lift.

    Rear Suspension
  • 6” Big Offroad Leaves. Poly bushings. About 2 years old. Nicest springs I’ve used. They’re in great shape.
  • RE 1-1/2” Lift shackle

  • Hood is the only non-dented/non-scratched panel. Has LeBaron vents in it.
    Make offer
  • Sunroof glass (I’ve got two, they’re hard to find)
  • TJ Flares w/ lights. Cut to fit an XJ.

  • Cage: 1-3/4”x .188 HREW. Welded in but I’ll work with someone to remove it the way they want. Bolted at A and C pillars but welded to floor at B pillar. You’re on your own for adding more bracing. I was mainly looking to stiffen things up a bit.
  • Rear Bumper: 6”x4”-3/16” Tube. Mounts to stock spot plus framerails. Has 4” flush mounted lights. I’ll include wiring to good them up to rev. lights. Has 2” receiver in it.
  • Rock rails: 2”x3”-3/16” main rails. 2”x2”-3/16” supports. Mount to pinch seem and frame.
  • Warn transfer case skid. Trimmed to fit my atlas on one corner. I’m sure it’s bent at least a little.
  • Farmboy designs rear light boxes. Drilled to fit ORO LightDots but that’s just 3 small holes. It would be easy to drill out for larger flush lights.
  • Quarter panel guards: 1/8” aluminum diamond plate. Cut to fit with my TJ flares.

  • Doug Thorely Header
  • Jeeps & Creepers Bored Throttle Body
  • Throttle Body Spacer
  • Late model Auxiliary Fan
  • M.O.R.E. Rubber Motor Mounts (almost new)
  • Mean Green Battery relocation kit (never mounted)
  • XJ Armor Aux. Fan control switch
  • Custom Storage Box
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