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Ok, parting out my driveline to pay for the v8 swap.

4.2 rebuilt 2 years ago, started knocking 6 months ago, trailered home from trail, only been run to move around the yard twice. Runs good except the dreaded knock. My buddy says its a bearing that blew.
Has a weber 32/36 carb. w/ k&n, and new header from rebuild. asking 600$

Ax15 100k miles, syncros going on 1st. Asking 300$

np231 with Tom Woods SYE, less than 5k since i replaced the mainshaft. asking 300$

OR you can have it all for about 1100$ pricing is barginable.

I need...
a new front axle with passenger drop, possible trade.
v8 headers

located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I can travel a wee bit if you pay for gas.
email me at [email protected]

Jason Schroeder
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