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Permanent magnet winch motor and contactor problem

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I've got an older, permanent magnet winch motor (MileMark 9k) and recently burned up the solenoids accidentally while doing engine work.

I picked up a 12v, permanent magnet motor contactor, hooked it up per instructions/google wiring diagrams, and all I get is clicking, but no motor movement. I can power the motor directly with jumper cables and it works fine.

I've to 21ft. of 1 ga. from the rv/marine battery to the contactor, and 4ft. of 0 ga from the contactor to the winch. I'm using a Warn three wire remote.

Here's my style contactor/solenoid and wiring diagram/setup used.
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What am I missing/doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help, comments and replies.
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If that is exactly the sol your using it looks pretty small even for the albright style.

What amp is your sol rated for?
it's rated for 150 amps.

I initially used an Albright, but had the same result; clicking and no motor activation.
How many posts on the motor?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts