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Welcome to the Tech Garage! Here you will find:
  • The world-famous BillaVista Tech Articles
  • Technical product reviews based on real tech and facts
  • A wealth of technical reference documents, charts, and tables

BillaVista's Tech Based Product Reviews

12voltguyreview.jpg Jun 15 2011 12Volt Guy Custom Switch Panel
Rugged.jpg Dec 03 2010 Rugged Radios Complete Offroad Racecar Comms Setup
DSCF1089_resize.JPG Nov 17 2009 High Angle Driveline 42 degree Durability CV Driveshaft & Chromoly Trophy-Truck Spline Driveshaft
SDC10529_resize_resize.jpg Oct 26 2009 Griffin Thermal Products "King of the Hammers" Aluminum Race Radiator
IMG_5685_resize_resize.JPG Oct 06 2009 JMR MB1000 Manual Tube Bender
IMG_6235_resize.JPG Jul 28 2009 JMR TN1000 Tube Notching Machine
3397446742_9783c7a046_o_resize.jpg Jun 26 2009 Turn Key Engine Supply 510hp LS2
IMG_3226_resize_resize.JPG Nov 14 2008 Ready Welder II #10000-CS
IMG_2475_resize.JPG Sep 30 2008 Ballistic Fabrication Racing Shocks
IMG_2645_resize.JPG Aug 17 2008 42" Pitbull Rockers
Crow.jpg Jun 21 2008 Crow Enterprizes Driver Restraint Systems
IMG_1151_mod1_300.jpg Jul 04 2008 Twisted Stitch Custom Suspension Seats
hydroboost.jpg Jan 25 2008 Vanco PBS Hydroboost Brake System
IMG_9519_small.jpg May 16 2007 Wet Okole Waterproof Neoprene Seat Covers
Atlas_thumb.jpg Apr 25 2007 Atlas 4-speed, Roark mount, & High Angle 1350/1410 CV Shafts
cognito.jpg Apr 18 2007 Cognito Motorsports GM 8-lug Pitman and Idler Arm Support Kit
TSL-R.jpg Nov 5 2006 ["URL=https://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PR-TSLs/"]42" Super Swamper TSLs[/URL]
IMG_2939.jpg Aug 17 2006 ARB CKSA12 Compact Onboard Air Kit
Hummer_Rims.jpg Feb 15 2006 Dean Reed Custom Double Beadlocks
IMG_3341_thumb.jpg Nov 14 2005 ARB RD114 14-bolt Air Locker
IMG_3207_thumb.jpg Nov 14 2005 Yukon 14-bolt Gears and Install kit
IMG_3124_thumb.jpg Nov 14 2005 Jethro-Bilt 14-bolt Diff Cover
IMG_3278_thumb.jpg Nov 14 2005 Yukon Carrier Bearing Puller
T_locker.jpg July 04 2005 TeraFlex Dana 60 T-Locker
joints.jpg July 04 2005 Super Suspension Joints - RE Super-Flex vs. Evolution Heim vs. Poly Performance Uniball.
DCP_9103_small.JPG Jun 06 2004 High Angle Driveline 14-Bolt 1410 Series Pinion Yoke Kit
DCP_9360_small.JPG Oct 11 2004 Tera manufacturing Low20 low range transfer case kit.
DCP_6757_small.JPG Mar 18 2004 Poly Performance Dana 60 35 Spline Chrom-Moly Drive Flanges
DCP_7703_small.JPG Mar 18 2004 Superior "Evolution" Chrom-Moly Dana 60 axles and CTM Racing U-joints
DCP_8195_small.JPG Mar 18 2004 Crane High Clearance Chrom-Moly Dana 60 Steering Knuckles
DCP_8213_small.JPG Mar 18 2004 Crane High Clearance Chrom-Moly Dana 60 Diff Cover
DCP_7888_small.JPG Dec 18 2003 Fox Racing Shox 2.0 Series Airshox
STeves%20pictures%20094.jpg Nov 26 2003 Performance Off-Road Systems' Hydraulic Steering System
PR-35Spline.JPG Aug 08 2003 4WDFACTORY.com Dana 60 35 Spline Stub Axle Upgrade kit
DCP_7042_small.JPG Aug 11 2003 OTT Industries Dana 60 High Clearance Steering Arms
PR-Kingpinkit.JPG July 23 2003 4WDFACTORY.com Dana 60 front Kingpin Rebuild Kit
PR-shaft.JPG July 19 2003 1 Ton 1350 CV Driveshaft from High Angle Driveline
PR-DrillDr.jpg June 30 2003 Drill Doctor 750 Pro - Drill Bit Sharpening Machine
PR-Harness.jpg June 10 2003 MAD4WD 2" Corbeau Harness Install
PR-D20output.jpg June 07 2003 Advance Adapters Dana 20 32 Spline Output kit
PR-Fairlead.jpg May 29 2003 Rock Buggy Supply Composite Winch Fairlead

BillaVista's Data Mine

BillaVista's list of "Must Read" technical and fabrication books / references Billa Vista's HUGE collection of Technical and 4x4 related .PDF files
(you need
Book1.jpg Book2.jpg Book3.jpg Book4.jpg

Billa Vista's Tech Articles

** Important note. Most of the tech articles are large and with many pictures. **

2011 Articles

IMG_6625m_400_200.jpg Wiring-1.jpg comms.jpg oiling.jpg MEFI.JPG LS%20cooling%20system%20-%20no%20heater_resize.jpg DSCF0187m_resize_resize.jpg IMG_5898_resize.JPG DSCF0096_resize.JPG 16_resize.jpg 14_resize.jpg IMG_4080_resize.JPG IMG_4352_resize.JPG left_resize_resize.jpg Wheelin_02_Aug_08-10.jpg Harnesses2.jpg Harnesses1.jpg IMG_5907_small.jpg coilovers_part2b.jpg coilovers_part1.jpg brake_bible.jpg Prodigy.jpg brochure_tn.jpg TSL-T.jpg button.jpg IMG_2609_small.jpg Gear_Setup.jpg operation_thumb.jpg IMG_1932_thumb.jpg doubler_thumb002.jpg nuts&bolts_thumb003.jpg

Fastener Tech - In this monster article Billa Vista covers all aspects of fastener tech, including answering the following questions:
  • Should I use Grade 5 or Grade 8 bolts?
  • Should I use a bolt or a stud? What's the difference?
  • Lockwasher, castelated nut, or Nylock nut - which works better and why?
  • What's the proper method for setting and checking torque?


Fixing a sloppy shifter. A quick and dirty little article about fixing the notorious SM465 sloppy shifter problem. Worth a look for other manual tranny owners too, as the fix will likely work for other models too.

Best of all - it showcases the incredible talent of my new graphic/technical artist, Lonny Handwork.

Check out the full size pic of the 3D cutaway of the Sm465 shift tower - amazing!!

2004 Articles

Inside the Dana 20. Part 2 of project "Uber-20", this is a combined tech article / product review showing every single step of the teardown and re-assembly of a Jeep Dana20 transfer case with the Tera Manufacturing Low20 3.15:1 low range kit.

Also includes some calculations and discussion on available gear "ratio stepping" - a concept of great interest to all - regardless of which transfer case you run.

DCP_9059_small.jpg DCP_8663.jpg Long_inner_dim_small.jpg 9_small.jpg 12.jpg inside14b_small.jpg DCP_6688_small.JPG Kingpin_rebuild.JPG CV%20shaft%20parts.jpg 14b%20discs.jpg Uber20.jpg HydroTap_small.jpg Towing.jpg
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