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trash.jpg 5th Annual Pirates of the Rubicon
Spider Lake/ Rubicon Cleanup Project
October 6, 2001

The following businesses and individuals were generous enough to donate the following raffle prizes:

Bent and Twisted 4wd: Warn Winch
Ace Hardware, Folsom: Makita Grinder, Milwakee Sawzall
Crawltec: 2 sets of Toyota Nerf Bars
Glenn Hammack and the Rockwalkers: Hi Lift Jack
Extreme off road: 2 shock hoops
Central 4wd: PIAA Lights
Big 0 Tires, El Dorado Hills: 2 alignments
Pacific Motorcycle Association: Tshirts
Dave Eulberg: Jackets
Push Rod: Case of synthetic motor oil
Thrasher Magazine: T-shirts, windbreakers, sweaters
HFCRA: One year membership to CAL4WHEEL
Robb's Valley Resort: Sweatshirt, cap

Click here for a list of all the participants of the 5th Annual Cleanup.

The 5th Annual Rubicon Cleanup is now just a memory. And what a good memory it is. With over 200 volunteers, the Pirates of the Rubicon 4wd Club and many dedicated volunteers worked hand and hand with the U.S. Forest service to keep the Rubicon Trail a pristine, world class four wheel drive trail.

Teams were organized at the Loon Lake entrance of the trail, and also at Spider Lake. The teams working at Spider Lake were responsible for going over the area with a fine tooth comb and picking up all trash and human waste found in the area. While it was very encouraging that less and less trash is found each year due to more educated recreationalists, plenty of trash and waste was still picked up. Outhouses at the Spider Lake area were also reconditioned, and new holes dug. Hats off to the outhouse repair crews for their hard work.

The Loon Lake crews were organized in several different teams. There were the trash collectors, the spray paint removal team, the outhouse repair team, and bypass patrol. The trash collectors covered the 5 mile stretch from Loon Lake to Spider Lake, picking up trash along the way. The spray paint removal team used sand blasters to remove all unnecessary spray paint on the Loon Lake slabs. This ended up being a very tedious job, but was successful in the end. The outhouse team was responsible for repairing the outhouses along the trail, and digging new holes for them. Bypass patrol worked directly with the U.S. Forest Service rangers in blocking illegal bypasses, and posting signs marking bypasses/trails that were off-limits.

It was a very long day of work, but worth every bit of sweat. The end result was a clean, well marked trail that we can continue to enjoy for years to come. All that hard work didn't go unrewarded, either. The Pirates of the Rubicon arranged for a great raffle, with many great prizes such as a Milwaukee Sawzall and Makita grinder donated by Ace Hardware in Folsom, CA, to the grand prize - a 9,000lb Warn winch donated by Bent & Twisted 4wd.

T-shirts, and drink coolers (foamies) were sold as souvenirs with 100% of the cooler proceeds going to the Red Cross relief fund for the World Trade Center disaster. The proceeds from the T-shirts are put towards next year's cleanup. There are still a limited amount of T-shirts and foamies left. Shirts are $20, and foamies are $5. Please add $2.50 shipping per order. Send money to:

Jeff Fretwell (POR) 6408 Cerromar circle Orangevale, CA 95662

If you live in the Sacramento area, you may also pick your shirt/foamie at the above location. Contact Jeff Fretwell for more information.

More pictures coming next week.
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