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Pismo Trip

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Next weekend I am heading out to run the sand dunes of Pismo Beach. I will be heading up Friday and wheeling through Sunday. Camo your close by, come on down for a little old school wheeling! Everyone's welcome. Maybe we can get a camp fire going. Some :beer: :nuke: would be cool too.
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maybe the Polygoats AKA calpoly geeks will make an extra special trip and show you just how bad we can fuck shit up at pismo.
camo said:
i will be at the hammers with my motorcycle riding buddys.
Do you live at the hammers?

Have you set up an office there?
i'll see if i can round up some wood :D

last time we had 3 toys and an F150 all overlowing with wood :D
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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