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Pit Bull tire quotes

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Pit Bull tires on sale

We have been a Pit Bull dealer for a long time, and Pit Bull sponsors one of our KOH vehicles. We pass our special pricing on to you. Compare our prices to anyone else here on Pirate.

We drop ship from Pit Bull directly, which saves YOU $$. These tires have to be shipped truck freight(UTV stuff can actually go fedex), so why pay freight twice?

To get Pirate member discounted pricing, PM me, email me, reply to this thread, or call the shop at 303-400-0205. If you call or email, you need to reference Pirate4x4 to get the discount.

And please, cross shop us against everyone else.
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5 Rocker Radial 35x12.5R16 to 27501
5 37 inch rocker radials in a 17 inch shipped to 37398 please.
Most PM's replied to. The normal sales rep at Pit Bull is on vacation this week so it's taking me a little longer than normal to get availability and freight quotes. I will get back to everyone as I hear.

Thanks everyone!
4 - 42x15-16.5 Rocker shipped 77707 Business
5 37inch bias ply 17 inch wheel
Gilbert AZ 85296
I believe I have responded to everyone now. Pirate has been down on my end almost the entire week, so if I missed anyone, please let me know!

Chris @ ARR
Price on 4 Rocker Radials, size 37x12.5x17" shipped to 54455.

and, Cant decide...


Commercial in 19348

Thanks Ross
Check your pm!
4 - 35x12.5x15 Rocker Radials shipped to 97478
Could you give me a price on 4 42x15x16.5 bias Rockers shipped to 28532?
Thanks for the help.
4 42x15-17 bias rockers shipped to 89123. Thanks!!
Thanks for the business everyone!
4 42/15/16 rockers shipped to 95969 thanks

4 - 37x12.50x17 to 66030
4-5 42x17s to 96002 please
4 of each please
39X14.50-17LT maddog
39.5x16.50-17LT rocker
42X15.0-17LT rocker

Zip 72120
4 of each please
39.5x16.50-17LT rocker
42X15.0-17LT rocker
shipped to 91790
4- 39.5 16rim rockers
4- 42 16 rim rockers
to 50701 home addy.
41 - 60 of 336 Posts
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