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So, I've just finished swapping in a T176 tranny from the wreckers. It's now 258-T176-D300.

It took it out for a testdrive around the parking lot, and it's NOISEY as hell, but works in all gears under light acceleration.

HOWEVER, if you let the clutch out quickly, as to place a lot more load on the tranny, it's shakes, squeels, and sounds as if something is skipping gears. It's so horrible, that it makes me push in the clutch immediately.

I'm sure it's fully engaged into each gear when this occured (1st and Reverse), and I shifted the T-case into 4HI to ensure it wasn't skipping out of 2wd.

I've replaced everything with new components, except for the insides of the tranny. Straight from the wrecker.

Has anyonew ever experienced/seen these problems before?

All input will be greatly appreciated.

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