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Poison Spyder goes to KOH with DJ!!

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After spending the last four years pitting for Ridgway in KOH, I thought I’d give it a shot from the drivers seat for the 2012 4Wheel Parts Every Man Challenge
in the Stock Mod Class.
Larry McRae and the crew at Poison Spyder were quick to step up and help me with some of the parts I needed.
The Jeep was heavy and needed to go on a diet, and I needed some other key parts to make it race ready.

The specs on my Jeep

2004 Jeep Rubicon, stock motor, trans and transfer case which is 4 to 1
Poison Spyder rear Crusher Corners with a 3” flare.
Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers with Sliders
Poison Spyder Comp Cage, well what’s left of it..
14 Bolt with Detriot, Solid hubs, Dutchmans and 5:13s
Ford Dana 60 Ball Joint front with Solid knuckles, spindles, and diff cover.
Superior Front Shafts
CTM joints
16 by 2.0 Fox Coilivers in the rear limited to 14”
14 by 2.0 Fox Coilovers up front
1.25 Currie Johny Joints
Raceline Monsters
Custom Splice Rope

37” Good Year MTR’s
And stuff……

The victum before the knife...

He had 40's in this picture...:(

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One of the first things to go was my old Poison Spyder tube fenders.

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Then a trip to Poison Spyder to pick up some light weight goodness...


First up were some of their new Aluminum DeFenders - Negative Flares

Which I had sanded down with some 180 grit and then applied a flat clear coat..:D

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A quote from their web site about the Defenders.

Increased clearance for larger tires and suspension articulation. The wheel opening is approximately 4" wider than the stock Jeep fenders, and about 2-1/2" wider than old school tube fenders.

Some mock up shots

The inner fender well will be moved back, and the supplied battery box installed.

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Next up to keep things cool under the hood...

Hood Louvers

Which also got the flat clear coat treatment...

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The Hood Louver kit came with a nice template to line everything up. I used the windshield bumpers to help line it up...

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The factory rear tailgate weighs about 37 pounds...:eek:

To combat that I also got a TrailGate. Mine is the solid mount bolt on kit. There is a swing open kit avalible too.

And yes, it got flat clear too...:)

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Agian to save weight over the factory hard door, I got some Crawler Door Skins. Not sure how much factory half doors weigh but i'm guessing at least 50 pounds. I also have a limited amount of space for sponsor stickers so these help with that too.

Plus, they just look cool....:smokin:

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Yep, they got the clear treatment too... see a pattern developing here??

Simply take your old vinyl door skins and user the frame from them..

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I find the comments on tube fenders ironic.
I agree, that was for the steel version. I fixed it toapply to both styles.
Poison Spyder 3 Way spare tire strap.

Spare all nice and comfy in it's new home.

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What i like to call the spares "ANRGY CHAIR"..!


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How are you going to run the tailgait with all that tube?
Yaaaa, I might not run a tailgate...:laughing:
Ooops, kinda got busy...

I used the template, and my windshield bumpers to line it up.
Mraked where holes were needed..
Broke out some tape and a cut off wheel, and went at it...:D

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Removed the factory battery tray and installed the supplied tray from Poison Spyder.

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