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Poison Spyder goes to KOH with DJ!!

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After spending the last four years pitting for Ridgway in KOH, I thought I’d give it a shot from the drivers seat for the 2012 4Wheel Parts Every Man Challenge
in the Stock Mod Class.
Larry McRae and the crew at Poison Spyder were quick to step up and help me with some of the parts I needed.
The Jeep was heavy and needed to go on a diet, and I needed some other key parts to make it race ready.

The specs on my Jeep

2004 Jeep Rubicon, stock motor, trans and transfer case which is 4 to 1
Poison Spyder rear Crusher Corners with a 3” flare.
Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers with Sliders
Poison Spyder Comp Cage, well what’s left of it..
14 Bolt with Detriot, Solid hubs, Dutchmans and 5:13s
Ford Dana 60 Ball Joint front with Solid knuckles, spindles, and diff cover.
Superior Front Shafts
CTM joints
16 by 2.0 Fox Coilivers in the rear limited to 14”
14 by 2.0 Fox Coilovers up front
1.25 Currie Johny Joints
Raceline Monsters
Custom Splice Rope

37” Good Year MTR’s
And stuff……

The victum before the knife...

He had 40's in this picture...:(

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No wonder you needed to save on weight with the aluminum pieces......with all that tube work, its going to be a heavy pig!
Ooops, kinda got busy...

I used the template, and my windshield bumpers to line it up.
Mraked where holes were needed..
Broke out some tape and a cut off wheel, and went at it...:D

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Removed the factory battery tray and installed the supplied tray from Poison Spyder.

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Spent half the day making this fuel cell mount

And got the support for the bumpstop welded in place
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Worked on making a fuel filler mount. Leaned it in a bit to keep it safe

Got the aluminum pan installed around the fuel cell

Started on the firewall. Still have to tie it into the floor pan. And make a removeable upper half to meet spec. for the race. And have the choice to remove it after the race.

It's getting full
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So since the front part of the cage was removed yesterday and the new cage cross tube is now lower the stock dash is useless. So got busy today and fabricated an aluminum dash with the cluster mounted in the middle. Saw it on hurleygo3 build and liked it. Thanks Hurleygo3! And since I'm co pilot I can keep an eye on the cages while DJ does his thing. There is a GPS going in on the right side just haven't got that far yet

Side panels tiged up

I was penatrating deep today :grinpimp:

Going to paint is satin black to keep the glare down

Well it's outside for a quick squirt of the rattle can sunrise red and back inside for assembly

Got the high collar rear fire wall for DJ's 6'5" build. Sanded it and clear coated it.

Dash and gps is in as well as the cable shifter for the transfer case

It's almost ready for DJ to load it up

Dropped it off for my extra foot of exhaust to pass tech..:)

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First he took the upper arm and drilled it at a angle on the bench.

Then sleeved that hole..

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Instead of simply grinding the upper surface of the lower arm, he broke out the grinder...:evil:

Some rough cutting, that's free hand by the way...

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Then cleaned it up.

Now it sits all nice and snug on the bottom.

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A tight fit but should work out just fine!

The fun part of the build. Tig welding on the rotator.

Steers and handles a whole lot better

Tonight it's headed to Johnson Valley for the weekend for some much needed tuning!
Saw some handles something like these on the currie savvy stock build. So I thought I would try it out. Seems very comfortable. Still easy to get in and out of the jeep.
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