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Poison Spyder goes to KOH with DJ!!

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After spending the last four years pitting for Ridgway in KOH, I thought I’d give it a shot from the drivers seat for the 2012 4Wheel Parts Every Man Challenge
in the Stock Mod Class.
Larry McRae and the crew at Poison Spyder were quick to step up and help me with some of the parts I needed.
The Jeep was heavy and needed to go on a diet, and I needed some other key parts to make it race ready.

The specs on my Jeep

2004 Jeep Rubicon, stock motor, trans and transfer case which is 4 to 1
Poison Spyder rear Crusher Corners with a 3” flare.
Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers with Sliders
Poison Spyder Comp Cage, well what’s left of it..
14 Bolt with Detriot, Solid hubs, Dutchmans and 5:13s
Ford Dana 60 Ball Joint front with Solid knuckles, spindles, and diff cover.
Superior Front Shafts
CTM joints
16 by 2.0 Fox Coilivers in the rear limited to 14”
14 by 2.0 Fox Coilovers up front
1.25 Currie Johny Joints
Raceline Monsters
Custom Splice Rope

37” Good Year MTR’s
And stuff……

The victum before the knife...

He had 40's in this picture...:(

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I spent the night packing our tool kit, only thing missing is a hanger...:grinpimp:

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I liked this one, was able to place tools where you can find them.

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Chickin ran cross my desk and rote sum notes for me......:eek:

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I would like to thank Phil, for building me a Jeep that can handle all the abuse I can put it through. And at the same time making me a piece of art with the fab work he did.

Thank you Wayne for tunning my suspension with fairy dust and pixes. The Jeep is smooth as a Rhino if not better through the desert.

Thank you Scott Hartman and family, you were all a great support and your knowledge of desert racing is what helped me finish.

Thank you to everyone on the Dust Junkies Team. It was great to have the best team in the desert pitting for me.

Larry McRae and the Poison Spyder crew for all the cool parts they hooked me up with.

Chris Ridgway for a place to crash for a week, and for being my inspiration to race this race.

Jaime for the GPS, without it we would probably still be lost in the desert. NO REALLY!!!...:laughing:

Steve Gardiner, "Lttlbuddy" on the board. For a loaner winch and Go Pro, which I got all of the race on, just need to figure out how to download it..:rolleyes:

Greg Mulkey for a great set of rims.

SammyG for the rear frame rails to pass tech.

Thean Bellochi from Poly, well just see this thread..:laughing:

Matt Martin from Solid.

Todd Stauffer and Custom Splice for the rope.

Doug Gruendyke my "I will gladly pay next Tuesday for parts today" guy..

Dirk Werning for his lube...:grinpimp:

Gloria and Henry from Henry's Autobody in Cathedral city.

Chris Rea for putting up with ALL my stupid questions for tech.

I'm sure I've missed some people and for that I am sorry.

Also, mostly I'd like to thank my wife Nicole for putting up with me the last 6 months. Well ok the last 25 years...:laughing:
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So how did you do at the race?
Yo must be one happy man! Awesome work!
Thank you. Most defiantly a hi-lite in my life!!!
Well, uncle Larry sent me a box.......

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