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This is a cross post from the comp section but I doubt that many make it in there so here you go.

New updates
We have now added the Red Mountian Jeep trail to the event so there is almost no road driving for those who have a rig capable of making it up that trail. This trail is very tight with many sharp swichbacks and climbs up Signal Peak (Red Mountain) at a rapid rate. A locker and advanced driving skills are highly recommended.

Saturday the 16th is the now no longer the date.

This has moved back to the 23rd of July

I am putting together a benefit Poker run for a Fellow wheeler who needs assistance.

The plan is to start out at 10am from Cisco Grove at the campground and head to signal peak. We can take in the view from there for a brief period and then head down the back side of signal peak down to Indian Springs campground or also know as the start of the Eagle Lakes and Fordyce trail. At this point you have three options. 1) Is to head down to the river on the Fordyce trail. 2) Is to jump on the freeway and go back to camp or go home. 3) Is to turn around and head back up the Signal Peak trail that we just came down and take that back to camp or head to Fordyce Lake to check out the water flow at the fourth cutout.
The cost is a $40 donation per vehicle and $10 per passenger. Kids under 12 are free.
Understand this is a donation so it is up to you. If you would like to come but dont need the camping or don't want the food then give what you can. Even if you do want the food and camping but can't come up with $40 then we would still love to see you there.
The camping at the campground for Saturday night is included and so will the tri-tip dinner that night. We will also have hotdogs for those who prefer.
The campground is private property so we will be having a campfire party that night there in camp.
For those who don't want to camp or food this is a donation so give what you can.
If you are only going to be there for the day and need tow-rig parking that is only $5 at Cisco Grove Campground.

Here is a link to the campground

Prizes provided by
J&M Offroad in Grass valley 530-273-7627

Let me know if you would like to provide prizes for this event so I can add your name to the list.
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