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possible carb prob???

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Have a problem that I need a little direction. I have a 1983 Dodge w/ a 360. This vehicle is new to me, but only has about 23k original miles on it. It supposedly sat for about 8 years under a carport.

It appears to be very cold natured, when I begin to accelerate it literally loses all it's power for a few seconds until I feather the pedal and it picks back up.... almost wants to die. It really doesn't have as much power as expected. The problem never really is corrected, even after running it for an hour down the highway. I was told that the carburator was rebuilt prior to me purchasing it. I have tried gasoline and carb cleaners.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
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Sounds like the carb has some bad seals.. and the accelerator pump has gone south... I say try a carb rebuild kit, and see if that helps.. if not.. come on back.

Hick.... thanks.... I have rebuilt motorcycle carbs many times... is this job more complicated? Should I just take it to a honest mechanic?
I have always rebuilt my own carbs.. but if they need to be professionally tuned, i woudl take it in... doesent sound like yours needs it though. What carb do you have on there anyway? 4bbl thermoquad?

carb rebuild, then check the timing.:beer:
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