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Power steering gear box?

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I plan on running 38/12.50/15 TSL's and am going to run a coil set up. Anyone give me a list of boxes that would turn the tires easy and has a pitman arm in the front? I know scout boxes do, but they are obviously hard to come by. I also hear the trooper boxes do but I don't know anyone who has tried them. I think the fj60 boxes do but they are hard to come by as well. Any others that people have used? I don't want to run a toy box cause it will hit the coils unless I stick it way the hell out there and I don't want a box sitting out in front of the frame rails. I'm running highsteer on toy axles. thanks
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don't forget that just because a pitman arm faces front or back doesn't immediately disqualify it from being usable.

the difficult part is actually how to determine this......

Celica box arm orientation starts life as forward facing, but has to have the new arm reversed in order to work.

There must be other boxes out there that have the same applicable qualifications right? But how the hell do you find out this kinda stuff?:confused:
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