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Hey all! Been ages since I was able to get back here. I hope someone might be able to shed some light on some of my problems....

I'm finally getting around to moving my Powermatic 87 (metal cutting bandsaw) in to my shop and getting it running. Sat for years in storage. After discovering that someone at the school it used to reside in bubba'd a few things I was able to mostly correct for those problems. But I now have a few questions on the High/Low speed shift mechanism- mainly the yolk on the transmission (or would that more correctly be a transfer case?) input shaft and it's adjustment. Also the relationship of said input shaft to a hole that is both conveniently the same size AND located in close proximity.

I can go into more detail if someone happens to be Powermatic savvy.... I've tried looking all over hells half acre for someone who may know a bit about these. So far no luck... I didn't think they were that rare but maybe I am wrong!

And as a side note... last time I was logged in, many moons ago, we were able to post attachments. I see that is no longer kosher. Any recommendations on free hosting sites or a way to link to pictures pertaining to my problems?
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