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Given a recent uncredible thread, I think it would be good to hear an explanation from ROI concerning their financial outlook and business health. I think everyone is a bit edgy given the developments of the last few months. Competitors were "strongly encouraged" to invest. With the latest rumor, good or bad, I would like to hear the story. If neccessary, I can post it in the competitor forum so it stays confidential.

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I agree Brad.
First off, that thread appears to be some guy that had a practical joke played on him by two of his friends...I don't know the full details, but it's not what it looks like, Howard closed RTV for a month due to a major knee surgery and not being out to sell RTV's, hence no need to manufacture. I don't know any more than this except that the guy's stuff is all there at RTV, slid off under a tarp in the corner by the poster's two friends as a joke on him, who recently fucked with them. I'm not jumping in on that because it is pieces I have put together from a Text from Howard who had no clue what was going on, a text from Jeremy who works at RTV saying it was a joke, and a little fill-in from Bender who was at RTV when those guys borrowed shop time from Howard. If what I have put togehter turns out to be true, the poster is going to look like a complete ass.

Next, if the teams that remember the conversations I had with each one of them, they will recollect on thing I said over and over and over and over...that there will be ZERO $ if people don't come to the table on this. IF everything went south today, you'd still have a lot more money in your pockets than if Rhino had NOT come to the table. Face it, they haven't made any money on W.E.ROCK at this point and will not for over a year so anyone thinking the ROI is screwing them needs to look at who is really getting screwed if everything falls apart. ROI will lose a HUGE chunk of money, at least they we gracious enough to come to the table and offer us a partial way out for the short term, and a potential win in the long term.

Now understand, that's a big IF situation...no, things are not perfect within ROI right now, but that doesn't mean everything is headed south. They defined priorities about three weeks ago and put their other two child companies (including RTV) at a lower priority than W.E.ROCK. DO NOT post that anywhere public or I will NEVER mention anything like this again, but I do so because it is a nod that they believe that we have a chance...

I cannot offer anything more than that except:
Anyone looking at their glass as only half full, or half empty at this point...don't forget that it was TOTALLY empty before ROI came along. Be thankful. And let's hope I can pull everyone businesswise together and make this all work smoothly.
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Can you give me something to share in the competitor forum? I don't really think it needs to extend pass that forum.

As far as ROI giving us a chance, I agree, I just want WE-Rock and ROI to keep the trust of everyone. To that end, drowing out this rumor is important.
I haven't seen the competitor's only forum...is there a rumor running there?

OK, I guess you can post this, and please do so on my behalf:

First off, what is said in this message stays here...DO NOT DISCUSS THIS OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM! The following is MY TAKE on this, not the position of ROI or anything that can be backed up, so just chew on it yourselves, but KEEP IT HERE!

I guess while I was away at PUSU, a thread was started in a number of forums, by some guy claiming Rhino was closing and Howard Pearl was ripping off his axles. First off, Rhino RTV is a sister company, not the parent company, ROI. Second, Howard was not shutting the doors on Rhino RTV, he was closing shop temporarally while he recovers from a knee surgery and will be unable to manage the shop and sell product. As far as I know, it was a temporary thing and he made that clear to the employees. The guy who posted that thread had asked to store some parts and be able to work on his truck there over time and a few days ago, the shop manager called and told them the shop would be closed and they needed to come get their stuff if they needed it. A couple of the friends played a practical joke on the owner, hiding his parts in the corner of the shop under a tarp. If you notice, those threads went away, so I assume the guy found out he'd been duped by his friends in a practical joke and deleted the threads...Understand, THAT STORY IS HERESAY that I just posted...I called Howard directly. Howard didn't have any clue what in the world was going on, and said straight out, "why in the world would I steal an axle? I was nice enough to let them work on their rig in my shop and this is the thanks I get?"

So, that's what I know of the situation, but again, it's heresay, because I'm only getting bits and pieces from everyone as nobody, not even Howard, has the full details as the guy hasn't actually come out with the full story. Unfortunatly, it got everyone riled, but with Howard as the scapegoat.

Next, Rhino RTV and W.E.ROCK are not the same company, we have our own seperate bugets, planning, and marketing. ROI is the parent company. A group of executives run ROI, as well as the shareholders themselves. Howard runs Rhino RTV. Big, Lil, and I run W.E.ROCK with the help of ROI when we ask for it. It's more like a partnership and we all have things to offer one another, but our fate is not ultimately tied to the performance of Rhino RTV. And so you know, because it's a public company, it's illegal to make any major moves (like moving a shop, signing a major sales deal, etc.) without offering a very public Press Release. It is mandated because the shareholders need to know. If something big were happening at ROI, Rhino RTV, or W.E.ROCK, you'd read it in a press release.

Finally, the share prices...first off, I've said it over and over and over, I'm not an expert, nor is this to be considered "ADVICE" regarding ROI Shares. One, because it would be illegal for me to say, and two, I'm at a complete loss when it comes to the financial games of Wall Street. What I say here is not anything beyond the simple point that the market, as a whole, is in a difficult time. It appears to me that ROI is performing similar to the majority of the market. My job at W.E.ROCK is to work with Big, Lil, and the ROI staff to put together a business package that is practical and offers the best chance of success and that's exactly what we've been attempting to do. We have our good and bad luck, just as any company does, but all in all, I can say that I am working very hard to ensure the first line of W.E.ROCK is INTEGRITY. If we do well and the factors surrounding the stock market turn back in the favor of growth, the stock will rise. If not, it'll fall or stay the same. I wish I had a crystal ball.

Regardless, in August of 07, W.E.ROCK would have fallen off the face of the planet had ROI not seen the potential and come in to save it. The sport, and the teams are better off now, than if ROI had never come along, so I offer you this:

Anyone looking at their glass as only half full, or half empty at this point...that's your choice, but the fact is, it's half full. Don't forget that it was TOTALLY empty before ROI came along. Hopefully, this partnership can start refilling that glass until you need a damn keg to hold it all!

And FYI, I, Dustin, cannot see your responses. I do not have access to this thread, nor do I want it as it's part of the INTEGRITY I am pushing so hard. Feel free to discuss this here without me, but I won't be able to clarify anything. If you have a question, pick up the phone: (619) 449-0003. DO NOT take this discussion outside of this forum...
Thanks and I hope all is well,
Dustin Webster
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