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Press Release:

XRRA and CalROCS join forces

XRRA (formally Avalanche Ranch Rock Race) and CalROCS join forces to bring the Extreme Rock Racing Association Series to a venue near you. XRRA members have been hosting Rock Races since 2003, the events have thrilled competitors and spectators alike. For 2005 XRRA and CalROCS will combine their talents to bring Rock Racing to more locations across the Western United States. Look for events in California, Nevada, and even Moab Utah. Rock Racing is the faster paced cousin to the sport of Rock Crawling. The goal for Rock Racing Teams is to get to the top of the course or trail in the fastest time. Rock Racing lends itself to spectacular vehicle action, think oval track racing over the biggest rocks and ledges to be found.

The 2005 Extreme Rock Racing Series, will start with a 1 day event in Moab Utah, the event date will coincide with Easter Jeep Safari. Event date is set for March 26; the location will be the new off road park “Area BFE”. The series will include at least 4 events.

Please feel free to stop by our website: www.xrra.com (coming soon), www.calrocs.com for more information and sign ups.
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