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Pretty basic Golden Eagle

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saw this sitting in a farmers field near my house. A fairly molested 78 Golden eagle 304 3 speed d20 with a broken output shaft "non running" for 300 bucks. Drug it home and got it going in about 10 minutes :rolleyes:

IT was full of 1980's goodies dual shocks, dual steering stabilizers, lots of rust in the body but someone had already repaired and coated the frame

I yanked the tub off and tore my 2wd T18 i stole from another farmer down the road and bolted a novak adapter up

my other buddy pulled his YJ tub off his junk so i got it for free, had a friend swing by and we started adding some patch panels

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Im running a 78 Scout II box with a WJ pitman arm and yeh I plated and sleeved the frame. THink im gonna have to run a waggy arm for clearance or bumpstop the hell out of it
Probably WAY late to the party on this, but if you are still trying to work clearance issues with the pitman arm you may want to check out the pitman arm from a 90-2000's GMC/Chevy Express Van. These are actually raised instead of flat or dropped and fit a normal Saginaw box like a TJ/YJ, so they are likely to fit your box if a Waggy fits. Length-wise they are the same as a TJ ( ~ 5.5" C-C). You can get them from regular parts store for ~ $40.

Here's the link to the one I am using in my build:
MasterPro Chassis K6653 - Pitman Arm | O'Reilly Auto Parts
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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