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Pretty basic Golden Eagle

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saw this sitting in a farmers field near my house. A fairly molested 78 Golden eagle 304 3 speed d20 with a broken output shaft "non running" for 300 bucks. Drug it home and got it going in about 10 minutes :rolleyes:

IT was full of 1980's goodies dual shocks, dual steering stabilizers, lots of rust in the body but someone had already repaired and coated the frame

I yanked the tub off and tore my 2wd T18 i stole from another farmer down the road and bolted a novak adapter up

my other buddy pulled his YJ tub off his junk so i got it for free, had a friend swing by and we started adding some patch panels

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Pulled the valve covers, intake, dist, alt, and waterpump off today after work and for an engine that sat in a field 3 years and in my driveway/yard for 2.5. It was clean as hell

someone has built it in the last 10 years because it has felpro multilayer steel headgaskets and everything looked new
Got the PS pump on, I am fond of how much room the Scout box freed up between my framerails up front and not having to force a steering shaft through the header was nice too

I think I will mount my bump cans on the inside of the frame rails but i cant find a trick way to put bump stop plates on top of the ruff stuff spring plates, i would ask for suggestions but im pretty much talking to myself at this point.

I suppose ill machine something to countersink nuts into with a smooth top
I did a thing today, I love CJ's but the one thing i hate most is the headlights and how far they stick out. People paint the bezels and replace the lenses but no-one bothers to clean up the front end

I had to weld up a bunch of 1980's holes for chrome bits that were screwed to the front anyways so i started with tacking on some washers to the OEM mounts and then using 1/4" hardward and some aluminum 1.5" nutserts as sleeves. I spaced the light as far rear-ward as possible

so then i got to deal with the outer part of the headlight housing

just a little notching and the rad slides right in

Cutout my own bezels from aluminum and attached them

then went and sprayed it Desert tan

and painted my little 2x4 bumper i made on sunday... still have to get D-Ring mounts and a tire carrier on it but its calling for rain so I spraybombed everything
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Dig the recessed lights in the grill. Gives me an idea for when I put my CJ front clip to use! Keep at it man we're still following along :D
Headlights look awesome!! :smokin:

subbed for updates.
I'm watching man, and I really dig the light thing. Might steal that idea for mine

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Watching. Nice build, similar to my spare parts Scrambler build. I'm running a 304/T150/D20 and am interested in how the FITech works for you. Already have the HEI in mine and getting ready to pull the trigger on a Ford T-19 and D300.

Where you at in VA? I'm in Woodbridge/Quantico area.
I set the FI tech up on a 305 with a mild cam and it was simple and runs fantastic, I am waiting on their fuel command system at the moment for mine. Its probably getting mounted where the battery would be.

And im a little south and west of you, down near harrisonburg. I went to college up in winchester and wheeled at gore alot I have a black XJ i used to drive everywhere, i should be up at Rausch Creek mid may with it
I forgot to snap a picture of my clearance between my radiator but i could have sucked the headlight back another 1" and still had room for the headlight plug, but i like how it looks for now

Starting my boatsides this afternoon if my steel comes in
Ok, so im kinda pissed but 10lbs of bondo does that too you

I know the previous owner of this tub and he failed to mention the retarded amount of filler on the drivers side...

so i removed the wavy parts

I bled the brakes again and i feel like a proud parent, only had 2 leaks out of like 15 flares, and then i shortened my new ebrake cable to work with the stock exploder rear cables... works great

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got some 3/16 cut to 60" and broke at 45* 2" on the top and 8" on the bottom

It fit in pretty nice

then i had to do a ton of welding and boxing the rusty tub to the new side but i got the drivers side done this evening, hopefully ill finish the passenger side tomorrow

Welding east coast jeep sheet metal sucks.... I miss my comanche
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Got about 75% of the passenger side done today.... I am so sick of this rusty tub

I got sick of it looking like a dairy cow so i made it mostly black

The wife and I are closing on our new property tomorrow, hopefully i wont lose motivation on the CJ
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got to go to the Eye Dr and have metal and rust ground out of my eye yesterday. Still made a start on my fenders, I am taking them to my shop to finish weld them, probably going to add a 3" flare to them

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Ouch on the eye! The build is looking fantastic,
We closed on our property so ive been cutting alot of trees and making roads but... the FI tech is coming along and i've spent some time on the fenders, still about half done

I killed my 10 year old Ryobi Grinder and picked up a new dewalt, then ran out of wire and made the wife stop and buy some on her way home today :smokin: She was less than thrilled but did good

this is what i have so far in Fenders

and a teaser pic of the FI-tech
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I'm really anxious to see how the fitech runs

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If you could make a kit for those headlights they would sell like hotcakes!
ditched the Fuel command center and picked up the inline pump... After thinking about it the only reason i wanted the command center was because i didnt want to redo the pump i stuck on it when the tub was off


The mechanicals of the FItech can be installed in less than an hr, thats the TBI the fuel pump, lines, and both filters. I had hard lines already run so it probably simplified the process

The BAD:
the fancy billet anodized Fuel pump bracket is 2" wider than a CJ's frame rail and the new Throttle body doesnt come with a gasket... i figured if i paid a grand for something it would come with a $1.38 gasket

and here is the Billet part that is awesome and... too wide

and the saddest part of my day i went and sold my 240z.... dude made me an offer i couldnt turn down but at least this thread can actually get "hardcore" because i have a feeling its getting wheeled once and then getting linked and coil overs
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What the hells wrong with your dog?.....

Build looks good keep it up!
Thats actually my cousins service dog, he served in Afghanistan and got blown up a few times, he and Slayer come by and give me a hand when they can

I have an Anatolian Shepherd that is slightly less goofy....

also UPDATE, the FI-tech did come with a gasket.... working outside sucks, it blew up against the side of the house.
Right now i have my speedway 12 circuit harness strung from the front to rear. If it stops raining i should have most of the jeep wired today.

I need to order a fuel filler door and neck, and my bumpstop cans, and some high angle u-joints
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