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Pretty basic Golden Eagle

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saw this sitting in a farmers field near my house. A fairly molested 78 Golden eagle 304 3 speed d20 with a broken output shaft "non running" for 300 bucks. Drug it home and got it going in about 10 minutes :rolleyes:

IT was full of 1980's goodies dual shocks, dual steering stabilizers, lots of rust in the body but someone had already repaired and coated the frame

I yanked the tub off and tore my 2wd T18 i stole from another farmer down the road and bolted a novak adapter up

my other buddy pulled his YJ tub off his junk so i got it for free, had a friend swing by and we started adding some patch panels

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i just checked from my work computer and from my phone and the pictures were working, i re-hosted everything through imgur so i can probably get you a direct link to that folder, basically i just tacked 1/4" washers directly over the holes that mount the headlight housing then drilled them out to match the washer. I used what i had which were nutserts but 8 pieces of tubing cut to an 1-1.5" long would space them back the same. I think i had to drill the housing out as well so the bolts would go through and then just bolted them up. You will need to make a bezel to cover the front
Still not quite warm enough to paint so i finished up my rear deck and my skid plate, I dont have a picture but it will do the job. I also added a lock to the tailgate and it works great, considering a 7hr roadtrip to myrtle this summer if it holds together after wheeling it a few times.

It was warm enough for a 20 mile test drive out to our land and back
the wife was cold, i should probably get a top... lol

and heres a picture of all the crap i've been building the last 8 months
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SO i spent alot of time on this small piece of the puzzle but the dash vin stickers on these stupid CJ's from the mid 70's are crappy so i made new ones from scratch

And i love how fast speedway motors shipping is, my kevlar brake lines are here
I need some stickers for my CJs! Can you whup up a few for me?

Got an '81 Scrambler and two cj7s....
ill shoot you a PM man hold on
I actually managed to shoot 95% of the cage without pulling it so i think ill just finish it with a smaller gun tomorrow,paint is decent.. wish i had a garage but im out of time and my top and winch showed up today so the paint went on
Took the jeep on a shakedown road trip today

The good: went 60 miles and used 4.2 gallons of gas, the jeep will go 80mph, and it stops on a dime

The bad: 5 miles from home it acted like I lost a cyl and started blowing black smoke, nursed it back and started checking for fouled plugs and they were all covered in black soot. The timing was spot on, I checked everything until I decided to hit relearn on the AFR for the FI tech and now it runs perfect again.

So after I call fi tech tomorrow and try to get a straight answer I think I'm confident enough to go on my trip Friday
2 Hrs before i left for my trip it started overfueling again FI tech sent me an updated fuel map and i loaded it into the handheld and Wheeled it all weekend, babied it hard the first day and probably shouldn't have. It did fine other than the throttle is like pushing a brick through the floor all of a sudden, and my steering box came loose from the frame halfway through.

Its popping out the carb when i blip the throttle but i think i need to relearn the TPS and replace the cable, checked my timing and its good. IDK

not alot of video of rocks just the Z-ditch which looks alot smaller from this angle but the dude after me Nearly flopped his TJ going around the tree and yeh my PS pump belt was loose and making noise

The day before another TJ flopped on a little rock garden that i didnt seem to have too much trouble with... granted i took an easier line.

I made JK friends

TJ with open diffs and a kid in the back with no cage...... could have been worse

Carolina lean

IM already sick of the T18... and stay tuned im buying links
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Nice work. You got a part #/ manufacturer for those turn signal/marker lights? Thanks in advance
Nice work. You got a part #/ manufacturer for those turn signal/marker lights? Thanks in advance
LIT 4053A

but any autoparts store that sells truck lighting should have a 4" round LED amber turn
small update... the popping out the intake was still the timing, FI tech says 10* advance, that doesnt work, at least not with a 1974 amc 304 with a torker intake and mild cam. So as my grandfather always advised i put the timing light down and kept advancing until it wouldnt crank when it was hot and then backed it down one bump. Sitting at 18* right now and guess what it runs like a raped ape and has perfect throttle response...

then I put about 3K road miles on this thing, up to 70 its solid and ive driven it on interstate a couple times now :homer:

changed the oil at 1500 miles and it was terrible and with all my overfueling issues it smelled like gas BAD

yesterday the wife and i went for a drive and a little ticking turned into a massive exhaust manifold leak so i've got that to deal with.

I think im going spring over in the rear with colorado leaf packs and slider boxes for now. gonna hack the frame horns off over the winter and three link it with air shocks (fingers crossed) enjoying it for the summer in all its gangsta lean glory, this angle makes it look like its got wings (F-it the police havent pulled me for tire coverage yet)
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What do you not like about the T18? Going automatic? Nice build!
What do you not like about the T18? Going automatic? Nice build!
I love the deep gearing of the T18 i just hate shifting constantly and stalling means i lose brakes and that get really sketchy really quickly... i was close to a flop last weekend.

I have a spare AW4 im considering actually wiring up a TPS and getting it to shift as stock but then ill end up ordering a new driveshaft again
SO im back to hackfabbing everything... Bought a TF727 for $30.00 and im gonna rebuild that eventually.
Things kinda escalated quickly with the CJ. The rear has sagged and i actually like it so i lowered the front 2" to match. I mocked up some links but there just wasnt room to make everything fit and have more than 2" of uptravel.

SO.. i "Fixed it"

But then i had to fix that

Heres a comparison, its only 3" up and 3" out but it freed up so much room especially on the drivers side, I now have 6" of uptravel sitting at ride height

SO this is what im left with, I will remake some sort of winch plate tomorrow

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Photo Dump

14" coilovers came in so ive taken the axle in and out about a dozen times, worked on the steering last night and got a steering shaft with only 3 U-joints and 1/8" of clearance at full bump with the coilover but it fits, i could shove the axle to the drivers side a hair and it would help.
anyways Pictures

and the wife came down and helped... it was like 40* i was in a T-shirt, she had to wear multiple jackets and UGS lol, She gets confused why i keep putting it together and then taking it back apart....

annnd i've been notching all my tube like this :homer:

Who has Run a 1 ton Y-link with TRE's ?
I've had one on heims that was fine... I really like a separate Tie rod and drag link like it was before and like my cherokee but after trying multiple ways to skin this cat... Its getting a Y-link for neater packaging and clearance Ill post those pics tomorrow.

Side note the Body paint color has Yellowed/Oranged IDK i sprayed the links the color i painted the jeep and they looked really light so Ive since resprayed them a little Oranger.

Link to the steering doing steering things.. with very little clearance Its looking more and more like an Orbital box is in its future
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I've been plugging away at this junk. has to be ready by April 27th

Brake lines on and bled, rad and grill back on , PS lines all hooked up

I dont like my limit straps but they work for now, i drilled and tapped the frame with 7/16-20 grade 8 hardware over the fish plates for the top bolt and used the panhard mount and bumpstop on the drivers side for the axle mounting IDK, i couldnt find anywhere else they played nice but I dont like how they look

Im missing a bolt for the fender but the grill fit snugly

Under the hood is a mess but it all fits, Im gonna tidy it up and re-do some wiring tonight. I should have mounted everything to the firewall to begin with to simplify things

OH and the biggest PITA is my front driveshafts 1" short I can bolt it up but its extended all the way so i get to remake that for the 3rd time, I have a piece of DOM that would slide over it im temped to cut it and stretch it that way IDK
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I've shortened and lengthened them using that same method.
Just weld a little at a time to keep it from pulling.
So I pressed a 10" piece of 2" DOM over the 1.5"driveshaft welded the ends and plug welded it... doubt it will be any sort of balanced but i got it bolted up and then made a bracket for this Dodge grand caravan PS reservoir.

I literally just went to amazon and typed in "power steering reservoir" and bought the very first thing that popped up $14.00 later and next day shipping

Made a quick little bracket to mount it, this was just mocking it up it uses 4 bolts on the PS tank and 3 on my fender, seems solid enough

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ITs alive, gonna pull it outside tomorrow and wash the 3 months of grinder dust off of it and see how terrible its gonna handle with no sway bar, and I painted all the dumb crap so that i can turn the muddy Virginia rocks desert tan... leave me alone :flipoff2:

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as i thought it could use a front sway bar, its pretty stable on the road Definitely driveable but the fronts now doing most of the work

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