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well I might be selling my jeep but I am not sure how much would be a good asking price so I thought I would ask here. I know I probably cant get what I got into but here goes

90 jeep wrangler
4 cyl. 140,000
5 speed
35" SSR's w/ about 1,500 miles
new soft top and new top hardware
hard top
half doors
full doors
locker in rear
cable posi lok in front
new carpet
new seats
cd player with boxes in back
and probably other stuff that I cant remember right now but what do ya'll think would be a good asking price?

located in northern ca.

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yo0u should be able to at least $4000 for it...with zero rust and the mods I would go from andit's up to you how far down you will negotiate - how much are wanting ot get BACK on what you put into it?

full doors for wranglers range from ~$600 - 1000
the hardtop is an easy ~$600
the tires - ~$900
new seats/carpet? $500????
gears/locked - ~$1000?? what locker? lockrite ($200)? detroit($450-500)?

and WTF? A redneck in Commifornia!?!? say it aint so! :flipoff2:

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I agree with Bennzz0. Here in Missouri that jeep would sell for about 4500. The mileage and 4cyl might hurt your $ some. But I think 4k - 5k would be a fair price
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