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Price on used Milwaukee metal cutting saw?

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Long time lurker, first post, looking for input.

What would be a fair price for a very used Milwaukee 6370-20, metal cutting circular saw. One I looked at, seems to run OK, needs a new blade, and possibly a side/arbor bearing. They are asking $100 inc a molded case which is rough.

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Which metal cutting blades are you guys buying and having good luck with?
Here's one option

I have to disagree w others above & say the chip tank does a lot.

Furthermore from the thread above Milwaukee blades are ~.070 while the Lennox is reportedly .125. Coming from a machinist's standpoint, I'll take the narrower kerf, less friction, tool doesn't work as hard etc.

But you can't argue w results and if the thicker blades are working, fine.
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